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Engaging in the creative process is an important part of being human!

Humanity has evolved in such an amazing way because of our special ability to be creative. Yet, finding the time, space, and inspiration for creativity can be really difficult. It is hard sometimes to just care of the basics- getting good sleep, staying hydrated, eating healthy food, and getting regular exercise. We also need to have meaningful relationships, intellectual stimulation, moments to relax and recharge, and we need to embrace creativity! Making time for creativity is an important, yet undervalued element of living a balanced and fulfilling life! Sometimes it is hard to make the time, but when we do, it has positive impacts on all the other important parts of our lives!

In making physical art, a person is taking the time to be fully involved in the current moment. It is an opportunity to be present and mindful without the burden of forced meditation. It is a chance to experience the tactile aspects of art making- what do the supplies feel like in my fingers? What sensation do I feel when making marks on the canvas? What happens with my thoughts when I rinse the brush and start with fresh watercolor?

Making art can give us the opportunity to revisit things that have happened in our past. It can give us the space to imagine what is possible for our future. Making art can be simple, fun, and entertaining. It can also be complex and deep, and extremely therapeutic. Art making is a uniquely human quality that can exist in so many ways, and fulfill so many different needs!

I’m really excited to help people be creative at whatever level they need!

Let's make bad art!


February 2023

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